8 Best Snow Plows For A Ford Ranger

Picking the right snow plow for your Ford Ranger can be tricky, with a range of brands, sizes, and styles on the market. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best snow plows for a Ford Ranger.

While shopping around, you’ll find a variety of sizes available for your Ford Ranger. The best size snow plow for a Ford Ranger is 84′ by 22″. This size blade is ideal for all conditions and provides the perfect amount of manoeuvrability for plowing driveways and sidewalks.

SnowBear Personal Snow Plow

This snow plow is perfect if you’re looking for a high-tech, easy plow that can clear anything Mother Nature throws at you.

The SnowBear Personal Snow plow as a 2″ hitch making it the perfect fit for a Ford Ranger. One of the best features of this snowplow is that it has an adjustable five-position blade that can be set to different angles depending on your plowing needs.

Another highlight of the SnowBear Personal Snow Plow is its electric winch that allows you to both raise and lower the blade without having to leave your vehicle. You’ll find this snow plow has a rocking blade, which will move up to 6″ in either direction, so you don’t damage your plow or truck while plowing on uneven ground.

This plow also sits closer to your Ford than most offer plow, making sure you’re not putting any unnecessary strain on your truck’s hitch or bumper. The SnowBear Personal Snow Plow also has a sturdy rubber reflector to keep snow away from your windscreen.

K2 Avalanche Snow Plow

The K2 Avalanche Snow Plow is composed of some of the finest steel available, making this one of the lightest and sturdiest plows on the market.

Thanks to the high-quality materials used in its construction, the K2 won’t rust and can move large amounts of snow with ease. 

You’ll find this plow is a breeze to assemble and mount, and you won’t need anything other than the essential tools you have in your house. The K2 requires a 2″ hitch and should fit perfectly on your Ford Ranger without any alterations. 

The blade on the K2 can be adjusted and moved into three different positions, making it fairly versatile. One of the best features on this plow is that it comes equipped with a wireless controller that lets you raise and lower the blade with ease.

Meyer Wingman Snow Plow

The Meyer Wingman Snow Plow is one of the best plows for any given situation. Despite its hefty price-tag, the Wingman is well worth purchasing for your Ford Ranger, thanks to its easy installation and impeccable build. 

The Meyer can be installed on a 2″ hitch, and its designers boast that you can attach and remove this plow within a minute, without any additional tools.

Thanks to the Wingman’s QuickLink mounting system, this plow doesn’t leave any pieces of hardware behind once it’s been removed. 

This surprisingly light plow has a tongue weight rating of 500lbs, with its 14-gauge steel blade, you won’t find any blizzard that can slow you down.

The Meyer Wingman also comes with snow deflectors, a crank stand, and even lighting to assist you when operating your plow during the evening and early morning. 

FirstTrax Premium Snow Plow

Another superb snow plow that’ll fit on your Ford Ranger is the FirstTrax Premium Snow Plow. With an 80″ long blade constructed from steel, this snow plow is ideal for all conditions.

You’ll find this snow plow convenient to mount and use, as it bolts on to your vehicle’s existing frame, and sits low enough it won’t obstruct your view.

One of the best features of the FirstTrax Snow Plow is that you don’t have to adjust the plow manually.

The FirstTrax has a hydraulic angling system that you can control from inside your truck, saving you the hassle of having to angle your plow by hand during a snowstorm. 

The FirstTrax Premium Snow Plow is also built to last, with a powder-coated blade designed to resist corrosion, and heavy-duty springs make sure your plow has plenty of flex, in case you hit any bumps in the road.

SnowBear Winter Wolf Snow Plow

If you’re looking for an upgrade on SnowBear’s basic model, consider the SnowBear Winter Wolf Snow Plow. Rather than requiring a hitch like some of SnowBear’s other plows, the Winter Wolf has a bolt-on system that fits almost any truck. 

Like the SnowBear Personal Snow Plow, the Winter Wolf can be manually adjusted to five different positions, making it suitable for all circumstances.

Additionally, this model features a remote-controlled winch, so you have even more control over raising and lowering your plow’s blade. 

With a black powder coat finish, this plow looks stylish and won’t rust over time. The Winter Wolf’s blade also features a reverse poly scraper, making it generally quieter than most other snow plows. 

HillTip Snowstriker Pickup Snow Plow 

Designed in Finland, the HillTip Snowstriker is sure to take the American market by storm. The Snowstriker’s Quick Hitch system makes this plow easy to take on and off in a hurry.

One unique feature of this impressive plow is it’s cutting edge, which comes in two segments, providing some of the best and most innovative plow protection available. 

You’ll find this plow easy to adjust, thanks to its joystick remote control, and the plow can be tilted sideways to tackle ramped surfaces. You won’t encounter any electrical problems with the Snowstriker either, as all electrics hook up via one cable. 

If you’re working in lowlight conditions, you can power up the Snowstriker’s LED edge markers and additional lights, to make sure you can operate safely in low light.

SnowSport HD Snow Plow

Anybody searching for a small and reasonably priced plow for their Ford Ranger should look into the SnowSport HD Snow Plow.

While this plow is not the ideal height for a Ford Ranger, the blade is still well-suited for plowing a variety of surfaces, including gravel, grass, and concrete. 

Due to this plows smaller size, it’s easy to equip and remove from your truck; however, it does have to be manually adjusted.

One useful feature of this plow is it automatically rises when you reverse, so you won’t risk scraping up your plow or driveway when backing up. 

The SnowSport HD’s primitive design makes it easy to maintain, as there aren’t any complicated electronics to fiddle with and potentially damage. As this plow sits low down on your vehicle, you can work in darkness, as it won’t obscure your headlights.

Home Plow by Meyer

Meyer makes some of the best snow plows on the market, and the Home Plow is no exception. The Home Plow comes in three different models depending on how much cash you’re willing to spend.

The top of the range model features hydraulic remote controls that let you raise, lower, and angle the plow without having to leave your cab.

The Home Plow’s blade is made entirely of 14-gauge steel, ensuring it won’t dent or buckle. The Home Plow’s blade is also powder-coated, so you know this plow won’t get eroded over time.

With a 2″ hitch, it’ll fit perfectly onto your Ford Ranger, and its mounting wheels mean it doesn’t leave any pieces behind once removed. 

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