Are Ice Scrapers Bad for Windows?

Struggling to get pesky ice off your car windows before rushing off to work in the morning? If you own an ice scraper to remove ice, you may be worried about potentially scratching up your window during a quick removal job. This article will tell you everything you need to know about whether ice scrapers are bad for your windows.

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Should I Use An Ice Scraper On My Windows?

When it comes to ice scrapers, it’s not a straightforward case of you should or shouldn’t use one—it’s about the type of ice scraper you use. While picking out an ice scraper, ensure you avoid anything made of solid metal with a sharp blade. While you might think metal scrapers would be ideal as they’re sturdier than plastic ones, this isn’t the case. 

Metal bladed ice scrapers are more likely to damage and scratch your windows. Another problem you’ll encounter with a metal scraper is if you’re removing ice in a hurry and slip, you might nick your car’s paint. If you scratch your car’s paint, you may need to get a new paint job, which will put you even further out of pocket. 

While there an array of great metal scrapers on the market that won’t damage your car windows, you best off picking out a plastic one to avoid any nasty surprises. The best metal ice scrapers are made of soft alloys and have duller blades as not to cause any scratches. 

If you’re buying an ice scraper with a brush, you’ll want to ensure bristles are hard, but not so hard that they could cause scratches on your windows. Finding the right balance can be tough, as you’ll want a scraper with bristles strong enough to dust off the ice, but not so soft that it doesn’t work effectively. 

Alternatives To An Ice Scraper

There are a few alternatives you can to an ice scraper, which will effectively remove ice and snow from your car with minimal fuss. 

Windshield Cover 

You can avoid having to deal with snow/ice altogether by purchasing a windshield cover. Place the cover on your car in the evening, and ice won’t be able to settle on your windshield. Then in the morning, just whip off the cover, and you’ll be ready to hit the road. 

Credit Card

If you need to use your car and you don’t have anything to clear your windshield, consider using a credit card. With their dull, plastic edge, credit cards are a great alternative to using a regular ice scraper. Just make sure to use an old credit card, in case you accidentally snap it!

Snow Broom

You won’t always remember to prep your windows for snow and ice before a blizzard, so a great alternative to an ice scraper is a snow broom. Snow brooms have foam or rubber edges, so they don’t scratch up your windows. Many snow brooms are extendable, meaning you won’t have to reach over while cleaning your windshield.

Alcohol Solution

One clever way to rid your windows of ice is with an alcohol solution. You can purchase these solutions from auto part stores. All you need to do is mix the solution with some water and put it on a rag or in a spray bottle. Then apply it to your windows and watch the ice melt away.

The Best Ice Scrapers on the Market

Ice scrapers are safe to use on your car windows as long as you know which product to buy. Try to avoid sharp metal scrapers and brushes with hard tips, as these are known to damage windows and chip paint off cars. If you’re set on buying an ice scraper, here are a few of the best on the market so you can avoid damaging your windows:

Hopkins 532 Mallory 26″ Snow Brush with Foam Grip

This snow brush/ snow scraper hybrid comes highly recommended. The Hopkins 532 comes with a 4″ blade with ice chippers that will break through hard ice with minimum fuss. The brush features four rows, which are the perfect strength for removing ice. It also has a foam handle, so you scrap ice without hurting your hand. 

AstroAI 27″ Snow Brush and Detachable Deluxe Ice Scraper

The AstroAI 27″ Snow Brush is similar in design to the Hopkins 532, with a snow brush on one end and a scraper on the other. It even features a foam handle for comfort. One unique feature of this ice scraper is that you can separate the brush and scraper for easy use. It also has a slightly wider scraper so you can clear your windows even quicker. 

RevHeads Ice Scraper

Looking ice scraper that fits neatly in your glovebox? Consider the RevHeads Ice Scraper. This pint-sized scraper features a claw that’s built to break up large clumps of ice. One of the main selling points of this product is its durability. RevHeads claim this ice scraper will outlast your car if you use it correctly. 

Premium Ice Scraper Set

The cheap and cheerful Premium Ice Scraper Set features two lightweight, handheld plastic scrapers with 3.5” blades. These ice scrapers have foam handles and are advertised as being scratch-free. They also come with a year warranty in case they happen to break. As they come in two-pack, you’ll have a spare if you happen to misplace one of them. 

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