How to Remove & Prevent Snow Inside Your Truck Bed

For pick-up truck owners, snowfall can pose a major problem, as snow will accumulate in the truck bed, posing a danger to you, your truck, and others.

The right tool is likely to depend on what you have available as well as the amount and type of snow. The most effective ways for removing snow from a truck bed include:

  • shovel
  • ice-scraper
  • snow rake

As snow usually contains salt, if you leave snow to collect in the back of your pick-up, it will erode over time and cause your truck to rust. This erosion/ rust will wreck your truck’s finish and weaken your truck bed’s integrity over time. The weight of snow can also be an issue during heavy snowfall. This added weight can put unnecessary strain on your rear suspension and put your vehicle off-balance while driving around.

Additionally, snow build-up in your truck bed will fly out while driving around, obscuring the view of other drivers, which could cause accidents. Luckily there’s a number of pieces of equipment you can purchase specially or use as a make-shift cover to protect your truck bed from snow, these include:

  • tonneau cover
  • truck cap
  • bed liner

How to Remove Snow from Your Truck Bed

There’s a number of different tools you can use to remove snow from your truck bed. The right tool is likely going to depend on the type of snow (dry and light or wet and heavy) as well as the amount of snow.


One easily accessible tool which is excellent for removing snow from your truck bed is a shovel. When snow is packed on the back of your pick-up, a shovel is ideal for breaking up the dense layers and removing large amounts of snow.

Just be careful when shovelling close to the bottom of the pile, as you risk accidentally denting or scraping your truck bed, which could cost a lot of money to repair.

Ice Scraper

Another common tool used in removing annoying snow is an ice-scraper. Most people have an ice scraper lying around, as many people use them to get rid of ice from their windscreen.

During light snowfall and frigid conditions, an ice scraper can also be used to remove snow from your truck bed. You’ll find an ice scraper works best on a thin layer of snow. Again, be careful not to scratch your truck bed when scraping off the snow.

Snow Rake

Possibly the most effective tool for snow removal is a snow rake. Most snow rakes are different from your standard household rake, as they’re made of plastic or rubber, rather than metal.

As they’re made of plastic or rubber, you won’t damage your vehicle’s finish when getting rid of snow. They’re also much more effective at removing large amounts of than an ice-scraper. 

How to Prevent Snow from Building Up in Your Truck Bed

If you’ve ever had to remove snow from your truck bed then you’ll know it’s a time consuming and painful task. Prevention is most definitely better than the cure in this case. Luckily, there’s a number of affordable tools you can buy (or may even have at home) that you can use to protect your truck bed from snowfall.

Park Inside Your Garage

One of the best and most obvious ways to avoid snow build-up in the first place is by parking your car out of the way of snow. If you have a carport or a garage and you know a blizzard is coming, park your truck inside, and you’ll avoid the snow altogether. 

Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are one of the very best ways to stop snow from building up on in your truck bed, especially if you don’t have a garage or carport. A tonneau cover shields your truck bed entirely, stopping snow from accumulating. Soft and hard tonneau covers are available and are usually composed of vinyl or fiberglass. When purchasing, be certain to validate the correct tonneau cover specifically designed for your vehicle.

Truck Cap

Like a tonneau cover, a truck cap encases your truck bed, stopping snow from collecting. The main difference is a tonneau cover tends to be flat while truck caps are sloped and rise as high as your cab. Both are effective ways of avoiding snow build up in your truck bed. When purchasing, be certain to validate the correct truck cap specifically designed for your vehicle.

Bed Liner

An inexpensive way to protect your truck bed from snow, consider a truck bed liner. These liners are easy to place and remove and protect your truck from erosion. You may want to consider a spray-on liner instead of a standard one, as moisture can sometimes seep through and cause your truck bed to rust.  

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