How to Remove Snow and Ice from Your Windshield

Car owners all face a common problem of ice and snow building up on their windshield. During cold winter months, ice will form on your car overnight, causing you to have to de-ice, delaying you from going about your day to day life. Ice on your windshield is also a hazard, obscuring your vision and potentially causing accidents on the road. However, there are several easy ways to remove ice and snow from your windshield and stop it from building up in the first place.

Techniques for Removing Snow and Ice from Your Windshield

There are lots of tools and techniques you can use to remove ice and snow from your windshield quickly and with little fuss.


Almost every car owner who has had to deal with ice has an ice-scraper. These handheld devices are small and easy to use and feature a handle with a plastic and metal edge.

Ice-scrapers are highly effective in quickly removing ice from your windshield; however, they’re less useful for removing snow, especially in large quantities.

If you find yourself without a scraper, you can improvise by using an old credit card or a spatula to scrape off any ice.


A soft household broom is effective at brushing off small amounts of snow and ice from your car’s windshield.

Brooms are generally better for snow, as most brushes won’t be able to remove ice which has frozen onto your windshield.

Alcohol Solution

One excellent way of removing ice from your windshield is with an alcohol solution. You can buy these from your local auto parts store or make it yourself by mixing two-parts rubbing alcohol with one-part water.

Apply the solution to a rag or put it in a spray bottle, and any ice on your car will easily rub off.

Car Heater

If all else fails, you can use your car’s heating system to melt the ice. This method may not be the fastest, but it requires little effort on your part. You should also check if your car has heated windshield, as these are built to remove ice quickly, meaning you won’t need any other tools. 

How to Prevent Snow and Ice from Building Up in the Future

You can do plenty of tricks to avoid ice and snow building up on your car in the first place, allowing you to set off on your next journey without any delays.

Windshield Covers

One of the most obvious ways to avoid ice from forming is with a windshield cover. You can buy universal windshield covers online, from a car store or in some cases from a large grocery store such as Walmart.

Just place the sheet on the night before, and remove it quickly in the morning, taking any snow and ice along with it. If you’re thrifty or don’t have a windshield cover, you can improvise with an old blanket or shower curtain.

Vinegar / Salt Solutions

Another way you avoid pesky ice from building up is with a vinegar/ salt solution.

Mix ordinary vinegar or salt from your kitchen with a bit of water, and then spray your car’s windshield. Spread the solution around with a rag, and this will protect your car’s windows from ice build-up.


One of the strangest ways of stopping ice and snow from settling on your windows is with half an onion. Scour your windshield with the inside of the onion, and the vegetables natural oils will leave a coating that prevents it from freezing over. 

Park Facing East

If you’re looking for a simple solution to your ice and snow woes, park your car facing east so the sun can naturally melt you frozen-over windshield.

Obviously, this is only possible when it’s not overcast, and you can park facing in the correct direction. 

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