How To Use A Snowblower On A Gravel Driveway

If you have a gravel driveway then clearing snow can often seem like a complicated task. However, it’s sometimes possible to use a snowblower.

You can use a two-stage snow blower to remove snow from a gravel driveway. It’s only possible with two-stage snowblowers as you can raise the auger on these machines to ensure they don’t come into direct contact with the groud.

While raising the auger like this will leave a small blanket of snow on the ground it’s still quicker, easier, and a lot less hassle than either waiting for the snow to defrost or using a shovel.

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What Snowblower Do You Need For A Gravel Driveway

It’s only possible for two-stage (sometimes referred to as duel stage) snowblowers to be used on a gravel driveway as the auger can be raised both higher and lower as required to ensure that it does not come into direct contact with the gravel surface. Raising the auger in this way isn’t possible with a single or three-stage snowblower.

If the auger is too low, or unadjustable like on a single or three-stage snow blower then you’ll pick up pieces of gravel along with the snow. In some cases, these will be chopped up as they are propelled through the machine.

This will almost instantly damage the inside of your snow blower to the point it cuts out. In most cases, the damage will cost hundreds of dollars to fix or leave your machine irreparable. However, if gravel is pushed through the shoot, it could also be pushed up to thirty feet and cause damage to yourself or your surrounding property.

If you only have a three-stage or single-stage snowblower then you could opt to use a leaf blower to remove the top layer of the snow from your gravel driveway instead.

This won’t be as effective as a two-stage snowblower or as a shovel but it’s a tool you may already have and it doesn’t require any heavy lifting and throwing.

Two-stage snowblowers are available from all major DIY stores and online and can be purchased new from as little as $300. The majority of these snowblowers are gas-powered and will require a regular oil change.

How To Use A Two-Stage Snowblower On A Gravel Driveway

If you have a two-stage snowblower then you’ll want to adjust the auger of the machine before you begin removing the snow from your gravel driveway.

The auger is the part of a snowblower that looks like a corkscrew. It contains the blades and is typically made of hard rubber or plastic. The auger is designed to pick up the snow from the ground and pass it through the machine to the discharge shoot for disposal.

When adjusting the auger on a dual-stage snow blower, it’s better to start with it set higher rather than lower. This is something will definitely take a bit of experimentation. There’s no set rule as every machine and every drive is slightly different.

The idea is to leave around one inch of snow. This should allow you to minimize the contact you have with the gravel but still allow for the gravel to be seen through the snow once you’ve finished.

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